Liquid Studios Wax Guild


Liquid Studios Wax Guild

Guild Candidacy

As a WAX Guild and registered Block producer, we see a great opportunity to further develop and contribute to the WAX ecosystem. After more than a year of work on our first, soon to be announced game and various libraries to integrate blockchain into games beeing build with traditional game engines, it's time to take the next step and engage the community.

Our work is focused on everything around blockchain gaming and we can't wait to see our products in action. With our experienced team of EOSIO developers who have been in the EOSIO-Space from the very beginning and our further experience in many different areas, we are in the best possible position to push blockchain gaming on WAX and other EOSIO-based chains to a new level. In the coming weeks and months we will present more information about upcoming projects, libraries and partnerships on

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Official WAX Guild candidate name

Liquid Studios
Producer name: liquidstudio

Location of company headquarters


Expected location of servers

Germany, Frankfurt

Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc)

Our producer nodes consist of dedicated servers hosted by a trusted hoster directly connected to the world’s largest internet hub in Frankfurt, Germany and local Backups on bare metal servers. By choosing this hosting structure we can ensure highest performance, high availability, reliability and scalability.

Website bp.json file

Feel free to take a look at our bp.json or chains.json