Liquid Studios Wax Guild – Update September 2021

Technical Operations

Apart from the usual DDOS-attacks everything is working fine. There was one DDOS-related outage for a few hours which was fixed pretty fast.

We are proud to say that we still havn’t missed a single Block on Mainnet (except for one planned outage to test fallbacks when we first got into top 21) and that we move in the upper average range when it comes to benchmarks.

Product Development

The feedback after we launched our first public demo from August 24-31 was very good. In general, we are very pleased that the core game mechanics seem to be working well. A number of players played daily for the entire week (and beyond) and spent a lot of time with the game, just for fun, without any monetary benefits. We are proud that the time we have invested in massive, normal game mechanics and inventions seems to be paying off. We have collected a number of feature requests and bugs from the players and are now working for the last 3 weeks to implement these features and fix bugs. We are also now in the phase where we are integrating more and more monetization mechanics into the core game mechanics, so we are sticking to our initial plan:

  1. development of a proper, interaction-rich, UX-friendly game (in which almost every asset is a NFT) with various features and traditional players as target group
  2. integration of various monetization mechanics through Achievements, Challenges, Lending and Borrowing of Planets and Ships, Passive Income through fees directed to stakers etc. while providing high liquidity and volume through various mechanics and interlocking supply and demand to further increase motivation to play and invest beyond fun.
  3. in contrast to the usual procedures we will do an asset sale for an already playable game instead of just an idea without proof
  4. continuous expansion of functionality until release and beyond.

Besides hundreds of already existing NFTs (Buildings, SpaceShips, Planets, Astronauts, Commanders, Resources) we add and integrate more special NFTs – Warp Gates, Special Buildings, soon also planet shields and other planet add-ons, space stations and various others.

Ecosystem Development

Partnership with AIKON was officially announced and we are working on the ORE-ID Unity-Plugin to enable Game Developers and Gamers to build Games leveraging traditional Game Engines on top of WAX to bring Blockchain Gaming to the masses.

The work on the plugin is tough, the combination of OAuth (a protocol for the web) and the development of a plugin for various non-web platforms (Linux, MAC, Windows, Android, iOS and potentially XBOX, Playstation and Switch) is complex but steady progress is visible and we hope to provide an alpha of the plugin within the next 6 weeks.

Community Engagement

We were at Global Blockchain Expo in London together with AIKON representing WAX as Top 21 Block Producer,promoting and spreading our knowledge. In addition, Co-Founder Trang (Liquiid) and Marc (AIKON) held a fireside chat and discussed the adoption of blockchain gaming, our partnership for seamless adoption and our game Liquiid Universe on the public stage.

In general, our experience is that WAX is still too unknown, in general people seem to be very interested in the opportunities and tech that WAX offers. We are in contact with a number of projects that are now considering building DApps or software based on WAX.

Due to the high interest in the topic, WAX and our products, we are now in contact with various other events (online and offline) and hope to represent WAX as Top 21 BP at further events.

We are as always very active in various channels and advise various projects and developers and are ready with individual assistance, especially in the field of game development.

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