Liquid Studios Wax Guild – Update October 2021


When two or more people create something together, that is “community”

Formal definition: a group of people who live in the same place or share an interest. Informal definition: a group of people who are friends on Facebook.

Programmers are not different from any other type of people on this planet. We need to interact with one another to fully understand one another, create what we can’t do alone, and make connections that lead to improvements over time. Outside of a job, a programmer needs to interact with the community to gain experience and improve their craft. This can be through Meetups, user groups, conferences, blog posts, podcasts, or open source projects.

In the past decade, we have seen the rise of open source software where developers from all around the globe both contribute and consume code together. In order for them to build great things together they need a common language and tools so they can easily communicate.

liquiid believes it is the community we serve and we are a next generation software development platform.

liquiid builds SDKs -software development kits- to help you build the next big thing. We know what it takes to make a successful game, so our SDKs are designed with one goal in mind- to make your life easier.

They are fast, easy to use, and flexible. They remove the complexity of  game development while leveraging the power of blockchain so you can focus on what’s important- building great games. 

liquiid games exist fully on-chain, allowing for the creation, collection and distribution of digital assets within the games themselves.

liquiid BP

We  are continuously expanding and improving our Infrastructure and soon we will be able to provide weekly snapshots for blocks and history and daily snapshots for state-also. We will inform community and users early on to allow them to switch to different service-providers.

liquiid Partnerships

liquiid and AIKON took the stage together in September in London to present liquiid universe and  Ore-ID-single sign on solution to bring gamers to the blockchain ecosystem. AIKON’s turnkey solution is a single sign-on identification platform that works cross-chain. With ORE ID, users of your web or mobile app easily create an on-chain account upon first sign-in. Their private key is encrypted with a PIN of their choosing and stored for them — so gamers never have to remember their blockchain accounts or keys.” 

liquiid Tools

Repositories and Tools on liquiid Github.


A Hyperion Client Library compatible with Unity3D and traditional C# and .NET, fully functional, documented, with passing UnitTests.


(Our favourite new repo as it makes using dfuse super easy for any developer) A dfuse-enabled EOSIO-Web-IDE to allow any developer to setup a local blockchain and dfuse-instance + gitpod-development-environment containing everything necessarry to build smart contracts and dapps with just a few clicks.


Due to the large amount of parameters and endpoints the AtomicAssetsAPI supports + the goal of integrating/building a Client for the AtomicMarketAPI, we decided to throw away the old Client and to rebuilt it using a different pattern to increase maintainability while making usage and testing easier. The new Version is now based on the Factory-Pattern while making use of a ParameterBuilder, instead of traditional, more commonly used Patterns.

liquiid games

liquiid universe is a place where anyone can create their own world. It’s been in beta testing for a few weeks now and the response from the community has been great We received a great deal of feedback from the community. 

Payments and Monetization

We have been deeply immersed in dev mode and focused on various payment options liquiid universe now provides “instant”-options (pay-4-instant -where the fee is directed to a pot rewarding stakers).] This list includes






building ships

building Constructables

repair of ships

repair of Constructables


Upgrading ships and Constructables is underway and has been partially implemented.

Players will have to play or combine their assets (combine multiple assets of the same type or level to get a new asset of the same type with a higher level and extended skills like



max mining-time

max producing-time

max health


additional mining/producing-options

Warp Gates

Warp gates and related functionality are implemented on Smart Contract Side but not integrated into the UI yet.

User Requested Features

We’ve added Overviews for several Areas of the Game as requested by players of the demo to allow a different kind of maintenance and play in higher levels. These Overviews also come with the benefit that multiple Actions are grouped into single transactions which reduces the CPU-consumption.

Ships Overview

Trading Overview

Constructables Overview


We’re focusing on both the high technical level and UX/UI. So we are adding various kinds of effects, cursors, highlights, animations to make the game look and feel greater and to make it an eye-catching experience.

Guild Functionality

We had a separate contract for guild functionality and we improved and extended their functionality and value. Things like Tokenomics just improve the functionality of our platform behind Guilds, joining-fees (directed to the stakers-reward-pot), Guild-Events and Guild-owned Assets like “Auctioning- or Flash-Sale- Space-Stations” in combination with Guild-internal Governance are in progress.

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